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Silent Hill Origins (PSP)
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2008-03-29, 6:00 PM

Silent Hill Origins (PSP)
Few people are aware, but there are places on earth, hitting a people who will never return back. In referring to a normal and quiet town of Silent Hill becomes a deadly trap for anyone who crossed an invisible threshold. As if in a dream nightmare, in the wild and live a terrible substance, turning reality into madness. As if predatory octopus, the city invisible asunto their tentacles to Lure for victims. And this time it will find you! Unknown forces podkidyvayut hero with new puzzles, which can only permit holder nerves of steel. But finding the right answer - is to have a chance at salvation. New features of the character, even more heinous monsters and difficult tasks, modern graphics and chilling blood entertaining atmosphere irreversibly into fear! Silent Hill Origins face to face with the most pull you terrible nightmare! We fear big eyes! It is terrible what is happening on the screen, and it is so beautiful. New image effects and high detailing cause prisutviya unforgettable feeling. Believe in the terrible reality frighteningly easy! Barrikadiruyte door! For the first time in the history of Silent Hill series in a game system barricades. Zavalennye tables and cabinets doors apprehend perpetrators. Neither of which does not give up! Even if the cartridges ran out, for the life of another possible fight. Once creatures come closer, boldly let fists in progress. But be careful - many city dwellers too strong and dangerous! Secrets of coated darkness! In Silent Hill Origins players will meet with the unusual puzzle, which decide not easy. Focus, breathe deeply and think! From that, you have a success or not, depends as much your life!
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1 Ezmeyy   [Entry]
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