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Rising Eagle : Futuristic Infantry (2008)
[ ]
2008-04-23, 1:58 PM

Rising eagle is a futuristic First Person Shooter with unrestricted online gameplay and advanced graphics. This is the full unrestricted 1.2.0 version of the game.


Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare™ redefines the pace and gameplay of multiplayer tactical shooters. Set in 2040, gamers participate in the conflicts of tomorrow in urban and open field infantry combat. Equipped with exoskeleton suits, C&C systems and an obscene amount of fire power go visit your dream locations: Paris and China, and then blow them to pieces! (You can bring your buddies too).

Main features:

* Wild freedom of movement – players can "Power-Jump" between buildings, "Power-Run" for fast sprints, breach (break) through numerous obstacles, climb trees, fall harmlessly from incredible heights (Leap from the Eiffel tower!) and much more!

* Play on 13 distinct maps with varying gameplay styles and tactics!

* Futuristic technologies that include exoskeletons for every type of soldier – every technological aspect of the game is based on current trends in military research and development.

* Play as one of 6 different roles: Platoon Leader, Squad Leader, Sniper, Armored Battle Engineer (ABE), Battle Hacker and Trooper.

* The Battle Hacker - a revolutionary player class. Players can hack enemy IT systems in order to destroy or control them, using a special dedicated interface!

* Over 40 types of weapons – including contemporary and futuristic ones!

* Autonomous weapon systems, such as defense turrets and intelligent explosive charges!

* Innovative command and control system, enabling fast and intelligent cooperation between players.

* Two completely different detailed urban settings: Paris (France) and Fuijan (China), including vast, monumental buildings (Eiffel tower and Victory gate in real world size!).

* Fight for one of three elite military units: the United States Marine Corps, the Chinese People's Liberation Army Marines, or the European Federation of Nations (EFN) Sturmwehr.

* Continuous and persistent character development - players advance in ranks and gain medals and awards according to their in-game actions.

* Support of up to 32 players simultaneously on LAN or the Internet.

System Requirements:

Minimum Recommended

CPU Intel Pentium® 4 2.4GHz or Intel Pentium® 4 3.0GHz
HD Space 3GB
Video Card 128MB, 2.0 Shader support,
DX9.0c support. 256MB, 2.0 Shader support,
DX9.0c support.
Display Resolution 800x600 or 1024x768
Sound DX9.0c compliant
OS Windows XP® 32bit, Windows Vista® 32bit Windows XP® 32bit, Windows Vista® 32bit
LAN Game Ethernet 100mbps

(client & server) Ethernet 100mbps

(client & server)

Internet Game Broad band connection:128kbps
upload, 1.5Mbps download. Broad band connection:128kbps
upload, 1.5Mbps download.

Note: Rising Eagle was not officially tested for Windows Vista® 64 bit.

Rising Eagle Dedicated Server Requirements

CPU Intel Pentium® 4 3.4GHz or better
HD Space 3GB
Video Card No special card required
Display Resolution 800x600
Sound No special card required
OS Windows 2003 Server®, Windows XP® 32bit, Windows Vista® 32bit
LAN Game Ethernet 100mbps
Internet Game 5 Megabits upload/download for 32 players


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